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Sheriff Fuson is committed to public safety, and justice for all Montgomery County residents and families. No one has done more to keep us safe, secure, and prosperous. 

School Safety

  • Built our School Resource Officer (SRO) Program to a 1:1 SRO to School ratio.

  • Implemented SRO Investigators to our SRO Program. This has afforded us the ability to more rapidly investigate and prevent criminal activity in our schools, while keeping the SRO assigned to the school, on campus and focused on activity within the school.

Public Safety

  • Dramatically increased the patrols on our streets, reducing response times, catching criminal activity as it occurs.

  • Implemented a traffic unit to improve traffic safety and suppress criminal activity.

  • Implemented a Crime Suppression Unit to stomp out major and violent criminal activity.

  • All of these changes have improved our overall cases cleared from 29% in 2012 to 64.5% in 2020. (Nearly double the state average).

Justice Reform

  • In our jail, an Inmate Program Coordinator position was created to manage educational programs that prepare inmates for success upon re-entry into our community. This helps to reduce recidivism and gives them a second chance of being successful in our community. 

  • We are currently implementing a tablet program in the jail to enhance inmate programing, while also affording us the opportunity to provide remote video visitation of inmates. This will aid our jail staff when it comes to the logistics of managing in-person video visitation at the jail.

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