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Wes Golden Announces Endorsement of Sheriff John Fuson

I am honored to announce my endorsement and full support of Republican Sheriff John Fuson to continue serving as our Montgomery County Sheriff. I have had the pleasure to work with Sheriff Fuson during the last couple of years. During the time we spent together, I found his commitment to Montgomery Country to be a high priority in his life. As Sheriff he has worked closely with the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association and served the TSA as Vice President in 2017/2018 and led the TSA in 2019/2020. Sheriff Fuson continues to work closely with Sheriffs across our state to enforce laws that affect the safety of our citizens, and alongside our state delegation and the Tennessee General Assembly. As Montgomery County continues to grow, we must have a Sheriff who is committed to our community and safety. Sheriff Fuson shows his commitment each day through school safety, public safety, and justice reform to allow Montgomery County to grow and prosper safely. His efforts to bring a Public Safety Training Complex will ensure we have a well-trained and knowledgeable group of first responders dedicated to keeping our community safe. I know he will continue to improve our county because of his previous programs that continue to have great impact in our community. I am confident that Sheriff John Fuson is the right choice for Montgomery County, and it is for all of these reasons and more that I give him my endorsement and full support to continue being our Montgomery County Sheriff. - Wes Golden, Republican Nominee for Montgomery County Mayor

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